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Svalner offers independent tax advice primarily for medium-sized and large enterprises. We offer our clients comprehensive and integrated tax advice covering all tax disciplines. We work in teams close to the client. Our independence and our integrated approach are what set us apart from the large accounting firms.


Svalner’s real estate group specialists have long experience of tax-related issues in the real estate sector. The tax regulations impacting on property transactions are numerous and change constantly, which means that specialist knowledge is often needed on occasions throughout the life cycle of a property. Our specialists’ expertise covers all stages: financing, structuring, construction projects, management and transactions. Real estate acquisitions and sales often give rise to complex tax issues, and we help you throughout the entire process to ensure the most tax-efficient transaction possible. We can also offer advice on complicated property taxation issues and on the optimum apportionment of investment costs for tax depreciation purposes. Our aim is to adopt an overall approach to your real estate issues, thereby helping you to optimise your property transaction.

• Day-to-day advice on tax law, specialising in property-owning companies
• Tax due diligence in property transactions
• Structuring before sale and acquisition of properties
• Preparation of tax computations and income tax returns
• VAT issues applying specifically to the construction and real estate sector
• Property taxation
• Advice on optimum apportionment of investment costs for tax depreciation purposes

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Svalner offers day-to-day analysis of tax risks facing your business. Swedish and international corporate taxation is constantly changing, which makes it difficult and time-consuming for businesses to monitor and analyse the many changes themselves. Difficult questions frequently arise. We have the answers and can give you sound advice. We identify and anticipate the tax risks facing your business, as well as opportunities that present themselves. The aim is effective management of local and global tax costs, taking account of Swedish and international regulations. We provide a dedicated team with cutting-edge competence and long experience of advising on complex tax issues. We work with corporations, groups of companies, closely-held companies and partnerships. We can assist you with:

• Day-to-day tax advice focusing on construction and real property companies
• Advice on the acquisition and sale of companies and real property
• Structuring and implementation of reorganisations focusing on real property
• Group taxation
• International tax structuring
• Tax returns and tax compliance

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Svalner has extensive experience and in-depth expertise in international individual taxation. We can assist you with:

• International income taxation and wealth taxation
• Application of double taxation treaties and specific Swedish tax regulations (such as the ‘expert tax’ regime and special income tax for non-residents)
• Tax computations for individuals

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VAT regulations are complex and often difficult to apply. Short accounting periods quickly cause minor errors to have major implications. Changes in business models or business partnerships often have consequences. Svalner has a VAT department with broad expertise and long experience in most sectors. Good VAT advice demands knowledge of the industry, since it is necessary to understand the market in which the customer operates. We help your business to navigate and meet its obligations in the field of VAT and other indirect taxes (including advertising tax, alcohol tax and energy taxes). We can assist you with:

• Advice on transactions and restructuring
• Mapping and analysis of flows of goods and services
• Reducing VAT costs
• Preventative steps to improve and rationalise VAT procedures
• Rationalising processes for reporting and internal control
• VAT representatives for foreign enterprises

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Svalner’s M&A and Private Equity Group offers expert advice covering all aspects of M&A deals and fund structuring. We have ample experience of complex deals, from both the adviser and the client perspective. Our range of services includes:

• Fund structuring
• Acquisition and exit structuring
• Tax due diligence
• M&A insurance
• Management participation programmes and incentive programmes
• Ownership issues
• Portfolio company management
• Day-to-day advice

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Svalner offers tailored, tax-optimised transfer pricing models for international companies. For instance, what is the right price to charge for services supplied by a group company in Sweden to one elsewhere? Our professionals have wide-ranging experience of the highly specific tax rules involved in these cases. We can assist with:

• Implementing and structuring transfer pricing principles
• Preparing tailored documentation
• Benchmarking
• Preparing intra-group agreements
• Valuing intangibles
• Financial solutions and models

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We have many years’ valuable experience of advocacy before the tax courts. Our in-depth knowledge of both sides of these disputes also enables us to resolve your tax issues professionally, efficiently and with good results. Sometimes the solution may be for us to help you obtain an advance tax ruling from the Council for Advance Tax Rulings or a letter ruling from the Swedish Tax Agency. Areas in which we can help you include

• Replying to questions from the Tax Agency and assistance in tax audits
• Strategy and statements submitted in tax disputes
• Acting as your counsel before the tax courts
• Applying for advance tax rulings from the Council for Advance Tax Rulings
• Assisting in seeking letter rulings from the Swedish Tax Agency
• Drafting written inquiries to the Tax Agency

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As the first independent integrated tax and transaction advisory firm in the Nordics, Svalner’s Transaction Services team offers expert transaction advice to private equity funds, real estate companies, corporates and other organisations with a transaction agenda.

At Svalner, we are aware that our clients facing a potential acquisition or divestment require attention and advice from senior professionals in charge of a team that can perform high quality work under time pressure. Our team of professionals will always do its utmost to support your deal team with timely, accurate and reliable results. As Svalner is Sweden’s leading independent tax advisory firm, we are also able to involve the most skilled tax experts in Sweden when advising on the various tax aspects of transactions, structuring, Management incentive programs, etc.

Svalner exclusively provides transaction and tax consulting services, why conflicts and independence issues with auditors can be ruled out from the start. Further, being a part of WTS Global (the world’s largest independent tax network), we leverage off our international expertise in advising on cross-border transactions and reorganizations.

We have vast experience of complex deals, our range of services includes:

• Pre-acquisition due diligence
• Vendor due diligence
• Vendor assistance
• Purchase price mechanism advice
• SPA support
• Financial modelling services
• Valuation services

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